Does Management Call Customers?

Here is a scenario that I have seen too many times in a car dealership.  A customer visits your dealership and meets with a sales consultant.  The sales consultant shows vehicles and demos a vehicle.   Your team is off to a good start!  During the test drive, the sales consultant unknowingly says something wrong.  When [...]

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Ringless Voicemail in the News

Ringless voicemail has been covered by several news agencies over the last few weeks. Earlier this year, All About the Message LLC filed a petition for a declaratory ruling before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), requesting that the FCC issue a rule that would declare that delivering a voice message directly to a consumer's voice [...]

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RNC Backing Ringless Voicemail

Is Ringless Voicemail Legal? The RNC is Backing Ringless Voicemail. It's not just the RNC backing ringless voicemail.  All political groups use ringless voicemail. A disclosure similar to this one has been on your credit applications for years. In my experience of tens of thousands of applications, only a handful of people did not give [...]

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We always want to know, what will it cost!

Ringless Voicemail Pricing VS Direct Mail For those of you who are new to the auto industry, or just plain curious, I would like to offer this quick peek! The following is a brief description of Direct Mail Pieces and Ringless Voicemail pricing, and a chart for easy side by side comparison. If you would [...]

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Still Confused by Ringless Voicemail?

  The topic of my last blog was compliance.  I’m hoping it made you examine the methods your company is using for marketing by telephone. You may now have some questions regarding the use of voicemail technology.  Such as, if it is against regulation to auto dial cell phones without prior consent from the recipient; how is [...]

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Sales people need to be held to a higher standard

I cannot stress enough, the importance of information gathering.  In the auto industry I have met many decent sales people who were unable to reach their full potential because they were lacking in the ability to create their own customer directory, and then apply it. Many companies are now using technology to promote this level of [...]

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Service Departments use Ringless Voicemail to increase retention

Attention General Managers-  Don’t let your sales department have all the fun! Be sure to utilize your ringless voicemail drops to market your service department as well.  Keeping in touch with your customers regarding service is a great way to build customer loyalty to your dealership.  This type of “we care” approach builds customer trust and will have [...]

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Things to consider once you have decided to use Ringless Voicemail.

  So, let’s assume that you have decided to use ringless voicemail to market your business in the auto industry. Before you launch your first campaign, you must prepare for the increase in inbound calls.  I suggest to my clients that they obtain an additional cell phone.  The cell phone serves several purposes. First, it gives your [...]

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How to choose the best Ringless Voicemail provider

  I hope you have decided to incorporate ringless voicemail drops in your marketing plan.  The next step is choosing your provider. Due to its success rate in the auto market, many companies are now offering it.  How do you choose the best company for providing the drops? My first bit of advice, is to choose [...]

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